The History of Chatswood

The History of Chatswood

In the previous blog posts we had looked at ‘The History of Lawn Bowls’. Let’s take another step back in time and look at the history of Chatswood as our Chatswood Bowling Club was born in the heart and soul of Willoughby City.

To make it short and simple here is the history of Chatswood in a timeline.


  • ‘Chatswood’ was named after Charloette Hartnett, the wife of former Mayor, Richard Hartnett.
  • The land was used mainly for timber and farming
  • Opening of the North Shore railway line


  • The first residential estate was established


  • Declared as a ‘Town Centre’


  • Declared as a City


1960s -1990s

  • The opening of Waltons and Grace Bros (Myer) on the eastern side of the railway station
  • The opening of Wallaceway, Lemon Grove and later Chatswood Chase (1983) and Westfield (1986) was born in the new era of shopping centres
  • The opening of the (bus/rail) interchange (1988)
  • 1999 – The opening the large extension of Westfields

2000 – Today

  • The concourse was opened. It is one of the most holistic community and cultural facilities in NSW

As Chatswood will only flourish and grow within its’ community, taking up the challenge of modern life Chatswood Bowls has realised to diversify our activities and now attracting new members from all cultures around us.

These activities include opening the club for fun bowling with “Corporate Days” becoming popular. On these days the greens resound with laughter and hilarity as barefoot players of all ages take up a game of Lawn Bowls.