How to Lawn Bowl for beginners

How to Lawn Bowl for beginners

Barefoot boots or Lawn Bowling is a fun and relaxing game that encourages all ages to play.

So imagine that you’re at Chatswood Bowls at the moment, standing on the short green lawn and under a beautiful blue sky and this moment is so unbelievably perfect, nothing could ruin your chance of rolling the bowl except for not knowing how to actually play the game.

Here are basic notes on how to play the game of lawn bowls.

Area in which play takes place, usually a flat, grassed area, bounded by boundary pegs

Centre line
The line down the centre of the rink

Small white ball, rolled out along the centreline, the idea is to get bowls as close as possible to it

The Bowling Cheat Sheet

  1. Stand on the mat, feet together, knees and waist bent slightly
  2. Take a ball in your preferred hand
  3. Step out with your opposite foot
  4. Take a small back swing
  5. Bend down and roll the bowl along the ground
  6. Roll it out at an angle, so the bowl curves back towards the Jack
  7. Avoid dropping or bouncing bowl as it damages the green

Strategy to be #1

  • Draw Shot

A slow, measured bowl trying to end the closest to the Jack

  • Draw Shot

A harder, faster bowl used to try knock other player’s bowls away


  • The player who has their bowl closest to the jack wins
  • Points are awarded according to the number of bowls closest
  • Players judge the distance
  • If there is dispute, a measuring tape comes in handy