The Chatswood Bowling Club was founded in 1900 and is proud to present the game of Lawn Bowls in the heart and soul of Willoughby City. The club, a gem tucked between the North Shore rail line and the Pacific Highway, has a long and proud history. The dignified old club house, top class greens and gardens, kept immaculate by a dedicated greenkeeper stands as a reminder of a gentler more dignified era in sport.


In 1898, William Wilkie together with a small band of enthusiasts was instrumental in getting the bowl rolling towards the formation of the Chatswood Bowling and Recreation Company. By February 1900 the site of the present day club had been acquired, a pavilion built and a green constructed ready for bowling. As the years progressed three bowling greens were built, the pavilion was extended to become a magnificent club house, a greenkeeper’s cottage and storage rooms were constructed and generally the bowling club blossomed.


And so, in tandem with the formal bowling session, the club has opened it greens for fun bowling for ‘Social Members’. On these social days the greens resound with laughter and hilarity as barefoot players of all ages and both genders send their bowls up the rink with uncompetitive glee, the beers on the bank and sizzling barbecue ultimately gaining precedence over the game.


Taking up the challenge of modern life in Chatswood we realised we have to diversify our activities and we are now attracting new members from all cultures around us.