Where can I learn?

Drop in to the club on game days and see how bowls is played.
Then arrange a time to come back and try out the game.
Or contact us by phone or email.
Free coaching is also available at the Club. Even the bowls are available free on loan.

How is Bowls played?

Bowls for members normal games are played either as Pairs (2 players on each team, with each player playing with 4 bowls), or Triples (3 players on each team, with each player playing with 3 bowls). Games are over 21 ends (an “end” is the playing of all bowls by all players from one end to the other) with usually a 3 hour plus duration. At the completion of each end, scores are counted with the team having the nearest bowl(s) to the jack (the small white ball) scoring 1 point for each of those bowls.
Club Championships include Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours.
Bowling events for businesses or social groups is a shortened and simplified form of the game with duration to suit the time available.

The Club is available for event hiring

Please enquire through contact details.

For Schools?

Schools looking to provide a non-contact year round sport can make arrangements with the Club. We now have enough small sized bowls for 30 senior primary aged kids.

Our Location?

The Club is located at 655 Pacific Highway but not visible from the Highway. It is just over 300 metres south of Chatswood Railway Station. (see Contact page )

Walking from the station is easy by the Frank Channon Walkway. The walkway starts at Albert Ave (and links through under the station to Victoria Ave). It is an easy level stroll past Chatswood Oval, away from traffic – from Albert Avenue to Nelson Street – with direct access off the Walkway into the Club.

If driving, you need to be travelling south down the Highway (from Albert Ave) and turn left into Gordon Avenue at the Payless Tyres building, then left into Hammond Lane.


The Club has ample car parking with on-site parking for 60 cars. Enter via Gordon Avenue and exit directly onto the Pacific Highway southbound (see Contact page )

Chatswood Bowling Club is a No Smoking venue.

If you want to visit the venue or any further info or confirmation, please email the Club or Call 9412 1155